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EasyJet Damaged Baggage Compensation

EasyJet damaged baggage compensation.

What if your luggage gets damaged during a flight?

First of all, what is considered a damaged bag? Do small scratches also count as damage? Airlines are liable for serious damage such as broken handles, wheels and other serious problems, such as cracks or holes. At the same times airlines can’t be held accountable for minor damage — scratches, small dents and other signs of use on your suitcase.

Has your bag arrived badly damaged after an easyJet flight?

What to do if your luggage is damaged by the airline?

What to Do If Your Luggage Is Damaged?

Your luggage has arrived, but it is damaged. 

What you should do in this case? Can you get damaged baggage compensation? If yes, what are the guidelines and what exactly should you do?

First, pick up your bag and evaluate the damage. Is it serious? Or is it just a minor damage such as a scratch, small dent or other signs of use? Airlines aren’t liable for minor damage. You can report it only if it’s serious — a broken wheel, broken handle, crack or hole. Let’s assume, your bag is seriously damaged. That means you’ll have to report the damage.

Stay in the baggage reclaim area (baggage hall) and try to find Baggage Service Office. It’s often located in the baggage hall near or right next to baggage carousels.

Bring your damaged bag to the Baggage Service Office to file a report for damage to your luggage. Have your passport and boarding pass ready. Fill in the report. You will be told what are the next steps. If it can be repaired, easyJet will repair your bag free of charge. If your suitcase or bag is irreparable, the airline will replace it.

Can you do that also later? If you discover that your luggage has been damaged only after leaving the airport, you can send a claim to easyJet Customer Centre within 7 days after arrival. However, we would recommend you to report the damage as soon as you arrive. 

In any case, make sure you don’t miss this deadline.

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EasyJet Damaged Baggage Compensation

What are your rights in case of damaged baggage?

Could you be entitled to easyJet damaged baggage compensation?

Yes, you could be entitled to compensation.

Damaged Baggage Compensation

If your hold luggage is damaged, you are entitled to compensation.

EasyJet is liable for any serious damage of your hold luggage. According to the Montreal convention damaged baggage guidelines, you may get compensation of up to €1300.

The amount of compensation will depend on the value of your luggage. That’s why, when reporting the damage, you have to indicate the value of your baggage. The damaged baggage compensation you receive from easyJet has to cover your expenses of purchasing a new bag of the same value. Please note that it’s not advised to carry electronics, art, jewellery or other valuables in your checked baggage, because easyJet isn’t liable to compensate for the full value of such items, only to the extent defined by the Montreal Convention and its Conditions of Carriage.

If the damage is caused by some defect in the bag itself, in this case you aren’t eligible to compensation. Also airlines are not accountable for minor damage such as small dents or scratches. Anything that could be considered as signs of use, is outside the airline’s responsibility. Unfortunately, but it’s the reality of air travel — you can’t avoid wear and tear as you travel.

How to submit baggage damage claim?

The most important thing is to file a claim.

Register your airline damaged baggage claim at the airport.

To do so, go to the Baggage Service Office in the baggage hall. This is where you receive your baggage. And keep in mind that the money has to be transferred to your bank account. You don’t have to accept any vouchers, discount codes or coupons the airline may offer you. If you don’t hear back from the airline, contact them in a few days and remind about your easyJet baggage claims.

Reimbursement of Expenses

If your bag is late, you can get reimbursement for expenses.

If your bag is damaged, you aren’t entitled to receive reimbursement for your expenses. Because you aren’t missing anything. Your bag has arrived in time, just like you.

If your bag is delayed or lost, and you have to replace any of necessary items, you are entitled to reimbursement for additional costs (sometimes referred to as delayed baggage compensation). In this case, you can replace all the basic essential things you can’t travel without, then make a claim submitting all the receipts, and the airline will reimburse you for the expenses. You have 21 days from the day you receive your lost baggage to file a claim for reimbursement. 

But in this case it doesn’t apply. It applies only to situations when your baggage is lost or delayed. You can’t file a claim for reimbursement for damaged suitcase.

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Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Yes and no, it depends.

You can travel without travel insurance. And you don’t have to provide travel insurance documentation when claiming damaged baggage compensation.

Montreal Convention is a treaty establishing common rules for handling claims for luggage delay, loss or damage compensation, and it states that the airline is responsible for your hold luggage. It protects you as a passenger. Your luggage has to be delivered in time and without any damage. These rules apply to most international flights and airlines all around the world. 

When the luggage is lost, delayed or damaged, airlines are liable for the loss. And you don’t have to have travel insurance to get compensation from the airline.

At the same time, having a good travel insurance helps.

It helps in a lot of different situations, depending on what’s your insurance coverage. If you have travel insurance, you may also get damaged baggage compensation faster. When you have filed a report for damage to your bag, contact your travel insurance company, to ask them how they can help you. Your travel insurance company may reimburse you for the value of your luggage.

Please note, that not all insurance policies cover luggage damage. Make sure you find out what does your insurance cover before purchasing it.

Travel Prepared

Be prepared, and always have a plan B.

A great plan B is to pack your essentials in your carry on. 

Baggage doesn’t get damaged or lost too often. But it happens. If you have all your essentials in your carry on, you are prepared for such turn of events. Carry a change of clothes, travel size toiletries, underwear and extra pair of shoes in your carry on. Keep also all your most valuable items, money, medications, documents in your cabin bag. You shouldn’t put any of those items in the checked luggage. If your bag gets seriously damaged (like large holes or cracks), its contents may be damaged, too. Or you may even lose some items.

What else? Carry a packable duffle bag or ultralight packable backpack in your hand luggage. If your checked bag is badly damaged, transfer your stuff to this extra bag. If you won’t use it for this purpose, this packable bag may come in handy if you run out of luggage space at the end of your trip. 

All the above-mentioned rules apply not only to easyJet, but to other airlines as well. These are common rules for handling claims for luggage delay, loss or damage, and are regulated by the Montreal Convention. They apply to most international and domestic flights around the world.

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  1. Despite claiming for damaged luggage , completing form and having received acknowledgment that this was being dealt with, I have still not heard anything more from my claim after one month. I was informed with acknowledgement e mail that it would take 10 days. I have tried to get in touch via the e mail they sent but it doesn’t accept replies. What do I do now!!

    1. Have already left a comment about not getting a reply about my damaged case despite getting an e mail that they would get back to me within 10 days. Have now waited a month and no word!

    2. I have now waited almost 6 months for my claim to be actioned. I flew on the 2nd April this year and submitted my claim on the 3rd April. I have a claim number and an acknowledgement from EasyJet but after continually trying to contact someone and leaving messages I am no further forward. The initial response (from someone called Emily), offered me a particular replacement (not an Antler which was the make of my damaged bag), which I agreed would be acceptable. Since then though, no bag, no communication……no SERVICE!!

      What can I do to move this forward??

    3. We flew from Luton to Edinburgh in May 2022. On arrival one suitcase had obviously been dropped (or thrown) from the plane – there was a huge dent in one corner and one of the four wheels was completely missing. We reported it immediately at Edinburgh airport and the EasyJet agent took the details. We naively thought compensation would follow, but that was just the start of a long drawn out battle that is still on-going – all over a suitcase worth £150! We submitted the claim form, we provided photographs of the damaged (beyond repair) case, but still zero compensation or even dialogue from EJ and it’s now mid-February, 2023. In the unlikely event that anyone in the EasyJet public relations organization ever reads these reviews our claim number is EJ36353.

    4. We flew with EasyJet from Luton to Edinburgh in May 2022. On arrival, my new suitcase (1500 had been dropped (or thrown) from the plane – it had a huge dent in one corner, and one of its 4 wheels was completely missing. The agent at Edinburgh was very helpful, he took the details and told us how to apply for compensation. He was the only helpful person, unfortunately. Everybody else from this airline has been unhelpful and / or disbelieving my version of the experience. We submitted the correct forms in the correct manner; we supplied photographs of the ruined case. It is now February 2023 and there is still no settlement or even an offer of compensation. It seems this airline does not care about customer service.
      If anybody in EasyJet’s “organization” reads this and is actually willing to help, my claim reference number is: EJ 36353.

  2. Michael Peter Bihanycz

    Hi ,
    I have just returned from a flight from Faro Portugal back to Luton airport ( Flight Number EZY2022 Ref. XH565839 ) . On my return & unloading my Golf Bag i discover that my Ping Driver Club has the shaft snapped in half .
    I can arrange to show you a picture if required .
    Regards Michael Bihanycz / Mob. 07810247020

  3. Hi there, I was on holiday in March and when arriving back into Edinburgh my case was seen to be burst with a lot of items on the belt. I have tried to get in contact with yourselves for months and have not had any replies. This case is not fixable as I have took this to companies and they have said it would cost a lot of money to get this fixed. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Despite claiming for damaged luggage , completing form and having received acknowledgment that this was being dealt with, I have still not heard anything more from my claim after 20 days. I was informed with acknowledgement e mail that it would take 10 days. I have tried to get in touch via phone three times on 03305515151 but customer service totally clueless as to how to help. Sent email to customer service, no reply

  5. I received a damaged report form from the baggage hall desk when I arrived into Belfast Int Airport on an Easyjet flight one week ago. The staff member told me to forward this to Easyjet but I can’t seem to find any link or email addres make this claim.

  6. my baggage was damaged after being delayed for 5days at Pula airport from Bristol, I have a damage report form filled in at baggage reclaim as instructed by the supervisor.
    what now.

  7. I am waiting for my replacement bag.I have giving you a details on How ,Where ,and When the bag was damaged.My reference number is xxx.I am travelling on the 8/12/2022 and need my replacement Bag.Please send me a telephone number so I can speak directly to customer services for damaged if it is necessary.Please respond as this would be a poor show on behalf of easyJet as we use the airline at least 3 times a year.

  8. my suitcase was damaged and i filed a report on the same day it 30/03/2023
    claim no. EJ7014
    please contact me in order to send me a new lagguge or compensation
    thank you

  9. Getting the run around from Easyjet.
    Damaged suitcase form filled out and granted a new case. Easyjet have gave out the WRONG address for delivery.
    That bad that PARCEL FORCE can’t find the wrong address. Now a suitcase in transit at gatwick depot, which should be to me.

    Awaiting on someone getting back to me over 2 weeks now

  10. My husband – xxx -has put in a claim for destroyed luggage.
    1. His Easyjet flight was on 16 May 2023, Fight Number EJU7003 @ 12:55, Seat No 15A
    from Bristol to Malaga, Spain.
    2. On Arrival in Spain the bag had been slashed/damaged and he had to purchase a new, cheap one to suffice for his holiday.
    3. He has completed all the documentation required and TWO MONTHS LATER the claim has not been paid.
    4. The claim number is xxxx.
    PLEASE, he would just wants the claim settled.
    Thank you.

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