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EasyJet Lost Luggage Compensation

EasyJet lost luggage compensation.

If your bag is lost, you should file a claim for compensation. Baggage gets delayed and lost due to various reasons. Whatever the reason, losing your suitcase is truly an awful experience. Imagine this — standing at the luggage carousel, waiting for your suitcase to arrive, only to realise that it hasn’t made this far… Not a great start to a trip! What to do if your luggage is lost?

How much can you claim? What are the rules? 

Read on to find out.

What to Do If Your Luggage Is Lost?

First, you’ll have to report the missing luggage.

You can do it by filling in the lost luggage form. Do it at the baggage reclaim area (baggage hall). Just look for Baggage Service Office. It usually is located in the baggage reclaim area, near the baggage carousels. Make sure to have your passport and boarding passes ready. You’ll have to show them to the staff at the Baggage Service Office, along with the baggage sticker from the back of your boarding pass. Also you will need to describe the appearance of your bag (brand, colour, material). If you have a photo of your luggage on your phone, show it to the staff as well.  

After filling in the form, you will be given a written confirmation. This document you will receive is called the Property Irregularity Report or PIR. It has a personal reference number. Don’t lose it. The employees at the baggage service will also tell you what to do next.

Quite often it takes just 24 hours to locate a lost bag, in some situations, however, — longer than that. Anyway, be prepared that most likely it will take around a day until you hear back from easyJet. When the airline contacts you, you will have to agree upon delivery.

Tracking Your Lost Baggage

You can check your delayed/lost baggage status online.

You have been issued a personal reference number. You can see it on the Property Irregularity Report. You can use this number to track the progress of your baggage online. You will be given all the details on how to do it. Once easyJet personnel has found your baggage, they will contact you. 

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EasyJet Lost Luggage Compensation

Your baggage is lost. So what are you rights if this happens?

Are you entitled to easyJet lost luggage compensation? Is easyJet going to cover expenses, if you replace the essential items you can’t travel without? First of all, you have to find out if your baggage is really lost, or just delayed.

Your Baggage is Delayed

If your baggage is delayed, it will be delivered to you soon.

Usually, you can expect to receive your bag in a few days time.

In most situations it takes around 24 hours to find a bag that has been lost, in some situations, however, it takes longer than that. Be prepared to wait for at least a day before you hear from easyJet. As long as it’s not your fault that the bag got lost, the airline should cover all the expenses related to transportation of it. 

Reimbursement of Expenses

Delayed baggage is an inconvenience.

If your baggage gets delayed or even lost, you may end up without clothes to wear, shoes, toiletries and some other necessary items. Whenever that happens, know that you can replace those items and later submit reimbursement claim. You have a right to it.

If your baggage is delayed or lost, and you have to replace any essential items, you are entitled to reimbursement for your expenses, sometimes referred to as delayed baggage compensation. Keep in mind that you won’t get the money right away. It will take some time. Also you must remember that you shouldn’t be trying to replace everything. You won’t be reimbursed for all the purchases, only for the basic stuff, things like underwear, toiletries, essential clothes and footwear. 

Keep in mind, that you may have to provide a proof that what you bought was really a necessity in your particular situation. And, of course, keep all the receipts. When submitting reimbursement claim, you will need to provide those.

Is there a time limit? Yes, there is. You have 21 days from the day the airline returns your delayed bag to file a claim for reimbursement. However, we recommend to do it as soon as your get your bag back. So you simply don’t forget about that.

Lost Baggage Compensation

EasyJet has 21 days to find and return your baggage.

If your baggage is delayed for more than 21 days (3 weeks), you’re entitled to easyJet lost baggage compensation of up to €1300. To receive this compensation, you’ll need to file a claim by contacting easyJet and indicate the value of your easyJet baggage, and to provide a list of things you had in your checked luggage.

Keep in mind that it’s not advised to put money, electronics, art, jewellery, etc., in hold baggage, because airlines won’t be responsible for these expensive items if your bag will get lost. Airlines don’t have to compensate for the full value of such items, only to the extent defined by the Montreal Convention and the airline’s Conditions of Carriage.

In addition to lost baggage compensation, you can file a claim for additional expenses (see above text regarding reimbursement of expenses).

In case you don’t hear from easyJet, contact them yourself to register your easyJet lost luggage compensation claim. Keep in mind that compensation has be transferred to your bank account. You don’t have to accept easyJet vouchers. You can’t use an easyJet voucher to buy a new suitcase, can you?

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Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

You don’t need travel insurance to receive the compensation. 

That’s because you are protected by this international law (Montreal Convention). However, we would highly recommended you to buy insurance before your trip. Even though you don’t have to provide any insurance documentation when claiming any compensation — neither when claiming damaged baggage compensation, nor when claiming flight delay compensation or flight cancellation compensation.

With a good travel insurance, you will have more peace of mind. If something unexpected happens during your trip, things like injury, sickness, lost or damaged bag, your travel insurance will cover the expenses. Isn’t it a relief? Plus, usually travel insurance costs very little or you may already have it included with your debit or credit card. Always make sure to find out what the particular travel insurance covers before buying it, or before traveling with it if you have it already included with your bank card. 

But why don’t you need to provide any insurance documentation when claiming lost baggage compensation? Generally speaking, you are not to blame if your luggage is delayed or missing. It has happened due to the fault of the airline. So, that’s why, if your luggage is really lost, the airline has to refund its value. All thanks to the Montreal Convention.

Travel Prepared

Baggage doesn’t get lost too often, especially on direct flights.

But it’s always a good idea to travel prepared. 

Don’t want to end up without clothes to wear? Always pack some clothes and underwear in your carry on. Pack a pair of shoes and travel size toiletries in your carry on. Also, carry your medications and valuables in your cabin bag. So you can have access to them even if your checked luggage gets lost.

Remember about your rights! If your luggage arrives seriously damaged (broken wheels, broken handles, holes or cracks), report that. And if your luggage doesn’t arrive at all — file a claim. And, submit all your easyJet baggage claims as soon as possible. The sooner you do it, the higher your chances of successful outcome (in one way or another).

All the above-mentioned rules apply not only to easyJet, but to other airlines as well. These are common rules for handling claims for luggage delay, loss or damage, and are regulated by the Montreal Convention. They apply to most international and domestic flights around the world.

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46 thoughts on “EasyJet Lost Luggage Compensation”

  1. My luggage was delayed four days at Tenerife airport. In the mean time I had to purchase essential clothing and toiletries. I am looking to claim ‘delayed baggage compensation’ but I cannot find the relevant form on this website to do so.
    Can you please help me with this enquiry?

    Thanks Bethan

  2. They lost my baggage yesterday. I came back from Naples to Luton at 12.30 I hope will get my baggage soon

  3. Long story mentoned above in short… Bag lost :
    1. At the airport Easy Jet reception – no one interested, just trying to send you away.
    2. Via phone – looks simple to call to lost items reception ( or something like that ) , but they keep giving different numbers or telling that need to wait longer…
    3. Tracking online ( really? ) : nearly a week passed and not sure in which country my luggage is.

    Try to insure ( but thats not giving your belongings back to you, neither amount of money, which you spend to own it.

    1. This is literally what im going through now. Its so frustrating.
      Did you ever get your luggage back? if yes how long after did it get returned?

  4. Hi,
    My suitcase has been lost since I returned to the UK on the 12th May into Manchester via easyJet.
    Cannot speak with anyone and no real updates !!
    How can you make progress and receive compensation – one site states 45 days another states 21 days for 1,300 euros

      1. My bag has also been lost now for 2 months, contacting easyjet is impossible as they pass you between Customer Services, Luton Baggage (who only deal with it for 5 days) and then Secondary Tracing.

        My insurance company needs confirmation from easyjet that the bag has been lost – any idea how I can get this please?

        1. I’ve had exactly the same problem & my case has been missing 4 months , they are an absolute joke still not admitting that case is gone for good , & still trying to suggest case will not be found but my insurance want proof case Is gone & I haven’t claimed compensation, considering theyre meant to reputable companies, I’ve come across scumbags on street corners less scrupulous than this lot . One of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made booking with this lot , I think they think they’re going to get away with it, & I’m not going to let them , they deserved to be shamed & if they don’t book their ideas , im going to do whatever it takes to make sure that’s what happens. Good luck with your issue

  5. Easy Jet lost my luggage on the 30th April when I was flying from Manchester – Malaga.

    I have filled out the online claims form. It’s June 18th today. Been phoning, emailing, messaging on the online claim form.

    Iv got absolutely nowhere and the online claim form doesn’t exist when I try to sign in now.

    I think there are thieves in the airport and nobody wants to admit it..

    Nobody’s interested !!

  6. Hi, my luggage has been missing for 4 weeks now, I’ve contacted easy jet and they said they’re awaiting to hear from Rhodes. This was 2 weeks ago, I’ve sent them emails and left voicemails and they aren’t replying. How can I fill out a lost luggage claim, I can’t find anywhere to do it?

  7. Now Day 6 in Alicante with no update on my suitcase whereabouts. No one to contact at EasyJet.. just pushed from pillar to pos on the phone. No one knows anything. Return home to Manchester in 2 days and done all I can from my side. No one can tell me if my case is lost or delayed. The app doesn’t work for me to put through an essential item claim. EasyJet won’t speak on the phone. This is by far the worst “holiday” I’ve ever had in my life. Absolute holiday from hell!!! How do you claim when no one can say if it’s lost or delayed?

  8. My luggage has been lost for 7 days now and they still can’t locate it. This is the worst airline to travel on, NEVER AGAIN!

  9. I traveled from Malpensa Italy to Manchester on 26/07/22, I am devastated as all 3 pieces of luggage are missing . I am disabled and had an assistant from “ sala amica” . Was not given the luggage tags from the guy who I did check in with and my son had to go to Malpensa and not only is my luggage not there, it seems I left Italy with only my wheelchair and not with 63 kg of luggage ! Manchester lost my report and have done nothing for 9 days despite going back to the airport twice . What a disgrace ! I have important meds in my case and this shambles has made me Ill plus all the expense as I have nothing !!! The battery charger for my spinal cord neuro stimulater is also in one of my cases . I am in a lot of pain and no one seems to care!!! I don’t know what to do next ….. in a bad situation 🤬🤬🤬

  10. I am still awaiting compensation for delayed baggage
    Claim ref is [claim number hidden]
    How much longer do i need to wait ?? I have been waiting several weeks now and heard nothing. I have completed the Easyjet on line claim form and uploaded my receipts and chased several times now. Can you help please.


  11. Delayed luggage over 5 days now liverpool to barcelona
    am now back in uk with no luggage or no insight to where luggage is
    tried customer services they gave me a number for liverpool airport but it does not work

  12. Unacceptable, everyone is pushing responsibilities to the others (easyjet, Berlin Airport, Naples Airport). My luggage is lost for 10 days now and I have no news at all. Worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life.

  13. Stephanie Leigh Anderson

    Easy jet has lost my luggage – it has now been 2 weeks and I am going round in circles on the phone trying to get some information! The online tracking is useless. I am trying to claim for essentials that I had to buy however, the website is not working and no one will take responsibility for it.

    The worst experience that completely ruined my holiday.

  14. My bagage lost 90 days . I m waiting
    On June 1, my delayed baggage was not found for 90 days and easyJet did nothing. What compensation and what decision did you make. Why do you make us experience this bad behavior and service as your customer?

    1. Woman using a laptop - small

      Please contact easyJet regarding this (if you haven’t). We are an informative website on everything related to easyJet compensations, and we help people get compensation in case of flight delays and flight cancellations – but we aren’t easyJet.

    2. Woman using a laptop - small

      Please, get in touch with easyJet (we aren’t easyJet).

      On this website, we only share tips on air travel and aviation, and help people get compensation for flight delays and flight cancellations.

  15. easyJet is an inconsistent and unstable flight company. cannot provide the required service to its customers on time and on time. I blame easyJet for not finding my luggage for 90 days and not paying for it

  16. Two weeks in Tunisia from UK. Bag missing no help and nobody is interested. Wife has 1 pair of knickers and only gym kit she arrived and in. Much more missing as it is a dual bag which was 2kg over the limit and we paid £36 for the pleasure and we never saw it again.

  17. EasyJet lost our luggage on our way out to Tunisia from London Gatwick. Now been 3 weeks with not a peep from Easyjet. I have filed a lost luggage claim and can’t believe we will not get full compensation for our losses. The amount offered is minimal compared to my wife’s clothing value, shoes, bags, and make-up. I had new shoes and trainers, a camera and other valuable items, I am not able to find receipts for everything. The process of listing these items is in itself a nightmare. I have spinal injuries and carrying bags is not easy for me that’s why it was all in the hold luggage.

    1. Woman using a laptop - small

      Please, get in touch with easyJet (we aren’t easyJet).

      On this website, we only share tips and help people get compensation for flight delays and flight cancellations.

  18. Easyjet lost my bag on my flight from Zurich to London. It says that my suitcase is in Stockholm? I mean come on. No real updates no one cares. We had a 6 hour delay, had to wait 2 hours for the suitcase at the baggage claim to find out that it got lost. On google ot says that easyjet refunds £25 for essentials per day. I have to laugh, sorry. I can buy trousers with this money but nothing else. This is a shit show. Shame on you easyjet. I WANT MY COMPENSATION ASAP for all the inconveniences you have caused me.

    1. Woman using a laptop - small

      Please, get in touch with easyJet (we aren’t easyJet).

      On this website, we only share tips and help people get compensation for flight delays and flight cancellations.

    2. I’ve just read comments & the advice replies are saying you can’t help you only deal with cancellations & you’re not easy jet even though it says at the top in bold letters “easy jet ” you’re an absolute disgrace, you’re all want shooting ,you lying dis-respectful arseholes

  19. To cut a long story short my luggage has been retrieved and also submitted a claim to get compensated for the expenses during our holiday. Its been days waiting for some kind of feedback, who can I speak to please?

      1. I flew from Manchester on the 22nd to Barcelona when I arrived I reported my bag as missing and they told it was still in Manchester airport and that they would deliver it to me 7 days pass by with no information on my suitcase I fly back home to Manchester where they claimed my suitcase was still at for them to tell me it’s not there. Do I have to wait a set period of time before making a claim. TIA

  20. Hello, I am an international teacher. I had missing bags from Naples to Munich on LH1877 on September 28th. There were 3 bags. I only recovered 2 bags. I am still in search of the last bag. It is a large, hard bright orange bag. Bag number xxx . I know that it was lost by Easy Jet. However, the Naples airport sent it to Munich on Lufthansa. I did fly on Lufthansa from Naples to Munich on September 26th, but without my bags, as they were lost. I have spent hours upon hours calling the airports, emailing, calling the airlines directly, etc. I have exhausted everything I know. Please help me recover my last bag. I just left China after teaching for five years there. Those three bags were everything I have. The last bag contains my medicine, contact lens, and other personal items. Please help me. The bag is somewhere at the Munich airport. Please help me find it. I will come and get it. I went there for my other two bags. They were with Lufthansa in the baggage claim area in Terminal 2. Maybe the bar code sticker fell off the other bag, or it was moved to another Terminal because it is associated with Easy Jet. Please help me.
    This was the email from the Naples baggage team at the airport: be noticed that all 3 bags were sent to MUC o/b lh1877 on September 28th.


  21. I have retuned from Hurghada to London luton on the 17th of august. SINCE 18TH since 18th of august, I have been contacting the luggage department and they have been so helpful…. I have contacted easyjet and they just passed my calls around…. call this number you will call the number and then they will say, sorry we can’t help you please call this number…. believe or not this went on for few months…..
    I finally got through to easyJet customer services and the said to me, sorry we can’t help you and you need to contact airline luggage in luton. I have told easyJet I have been in contact with the airline luggage for the last few months and there’s nothing they can do for me. airline luggage said to me easyJet needs to step in and resolve the issue of EXTERNAL-LOST LUGGAE BECAUSE THE AIRLINE LUGGAGE DON’T WORKING FOR EASYJET…. EASYJET PLEASE STEP IN AND HELP ME GET MY LUGGAGE BACK PLEASE.;

  22. This is the first time I’ve encountered such a mess! This has never happened to me with any airline. easy jet was asked to pay extra for the third baggage right at the check-in desk and then lost a 25 kilogram suitcase, while they gave 2 baggage tags for three suitcases. to my requests, he will simply check the cameras (I have time and the ticket office number), the employee simply did not stick the luggage tag, zero reaction. my suitcase is lying somewhere without a luggage tag and none of this airline cares about that. because there is simply no phone and an employee who will understand all this. they don’t do any research! I’ve been waiting for my lost air luggage for two weeks now! It’s just theft!!! I had very expensive things there for 5000 euros! and no response from anyone!

  23. I took a flight with easy jet back in July this year (2022) , first tine if been on a flight for a few years & wasn’t upto speed , when I was checking in my luggage & realizing it was 3 kg overweight I called for an assistant , who put my case on the conveyor belt & said not to worry , it didn’t have a tag on & that was last time I saw my case , it’s been 4 months, I have done absolutely everything to get some final solution & I’ve never known anything like it, easyjets telephone staff all f of reign with limited English, ive made about 50 calls ,countless emails to companies I get palmed off onto ( Menzies aviation for example) it’s been a nightmare. I now just want resolving by means of compensation/ insurance I took out which I’ve been persuing for about 2 months & that Is also an absolute joke with easy jet not having much of a clue about anything , & my insurance company looking constantly to delay ( constantly repeating required documentation) , my holiday was completely destroyed & in wanting to end all this in a respectful manner without having to go down the route of courts & shaming of which I’m well prepared buy don’t want , I just want it all to be finished, but they continuously pester & antagonize, with the latest information I’ve been told is that I can only claim one or the other, is this true ? Because if so I am going to lose out on a lot of items of expensive clothing I no longer have receipts for , what are my options please

  24. Dear sirs\madams,

    I just came home after a long trip and just now I have access to the PC and Internet.Only now I am able to claim compensation for my lost luggage,but it is 2 months after the luggage was found and delivered.I see there is a limit of 21 days ,but I am requesting your permission for exception.
    I understand the reasons and the problems of the airlines regarding the lost lugage and I am expecting your understanding of my case too.
    thank you,
    Reny Jackes

  25. I am absolutely upset about the lack of respect for easyjet. They “lost” my luggage few months ago with all my goods, clothes/shoes/personal stuff and Christmas gifts. Now they offered me a bargain, they said for refund I need present all my goods labels… How can normal people save labels and receipts for life to provide a proper proof for easyjet mistakes? I fell trapped paying 43 £for extra luggage..

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