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EasyJet Refund For Cancellation

EasyJet refund for cancellation.

What’s necessary to claim it? How can you get refund from easyJet if your flight is cancelled? What are the rules regarding that? What if you are issued an EasyJet voucher instead of cash, can you ask for a refund? First things first, if you are flying with easyJet, you are protected under the EU and the UK law. And, when it comes to flight cancellations, these laws are very specific. Sometimes you can get refund, other times — full refund and compensation.

Continue reading to learn more about your rights.

EasyJet Refund For Cancellation

So, what are the possible scenarios?

When can you get compensation and when refund from easyJet? It’s very simple, and there are two most likely scenarios — depending on when your flight is cancelled. You can get compensation only if your flight is cancelled not more than 14 days before the day of departure.

1. Your Flight Is Cancelled Less Than 2 Weeks Before the Trip

You can get: easyJet refund + compensation (if it’s due to the fault of easyJet)

You may also be offered a new flight instead of refund.

Or, most likely, easyJet will offer you a choice between a new flight and a full refund. You have a right to choose either option. If the flight is cancelled due to something that can be considered as the fault of the airline, in addition to the refund or new flight, you can get easyJet flight cancellation compensation. However, if the flight is cancelled because of bad weather or other “extraordinary circumstances,” you can get only a refund or new flight.

Apart from that, you have the right to care from easyJet.

That’s if your flight is cancelled no more than 2 weeks before the trip.

You don’t have to accept any vouchers. All refunds and flight compensations must be paid in cash or transferred to a bank account. What if easyJet is forcing you to accept vouchers instead of money? Politely refuse the offer, and request a money transfer to your bank account.

We can help you with your easyJet compensation claim. Check flight compensation online! 

2. Your Flight Is Cancelled More Than 2 Weeks Before the Trip

You can get: refund or new flight to your destination

In this case, you can only get refund or a new flight. You can’t get compensation, because it isn’t a last-minute cancellation. However, you still have a right to receive refund, if you don’t wish to travel on the new flight. EasyJet must offer you such an option. You may also get some extra perks, depending on what the easyJet refund policy says about your particular case. 

Your refund should be paid within 7 days. 

It must be transferred to your bank account.

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Getting Refund From EasyJet: FAQ

1. If My Flight Is Cancelled, Do I Get a Refund?

All of easyJet flights are either to or from the EU or the UK.

But that means that these rules apply to all easyJet cancelled flights.

Because if you are flying with a EU or UK airline, and if your flight departs from the EU/UK or arrives in the EU/UK, you are protected under the EU and UK law. According to the European Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 and the UK Regulation 261, in case of flight cancellation you can request a full refund instead of a new flight to your destination, but you can’t ask for both. 

If your flight is cancelled less than 14 days before the trip and it’s due to the fault of easyJet, in addition to the refund or new flight, you are entitled to easyJet flight cancellation compensation — up to 600 euro per passenger (including infants who don’t have a separate seat).

2. EasyJet Refund Voucher or Cash, Can I Get Money?

What if easyJet is offering you a voucher instead of compensation?

Most airlines were offering vouchers and coupons during the COVID crisis, and many do that regularly. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept them — you don’t. You don’t have to accept them. The EU and UK regulations state that airline compensations and refunds always must be paid in cash or by bank transfer. So, ask for money. Don’t accept any vouchers or coupons if you don’t want them. You may choose to accept coupon if that works for you.

Have you already been given a voucher? 

Demand a refund to your bank account.

3. EasyJet Refusing Refund For Cancellation?

You have filled in the easyJet refund form, and no success?

The airline refuses to give you full refund? Don’t give up.

Remind them that it’s their obligation, and refer to the UK Regulation 261 and Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, Articles 5 and 8. If this doesn’t help, contact the national enforcement body of the country your flight is departing from.

4. Can You Get Both Compensation and Refund?

There are situations when you can get both.

If your flight is cancelled less than 14 days before departure, and it’s due to the fault of easyJet, you can choose to have a full refund and also to claim flight cancellation compensation easyJet owes you. The best part is that, both your easyJet refund and cancellation compensation will be transferred to your bank account. Keep in mind that you don’t have to accept any coupons or vouchers. In case you have already been issued one, ask easyJet for cash refund instead of voucher. They are obliged to do an exchange.

By Europe and EU here on this page we mean all EU Member States, the United Kingdom (UK), Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, Saint Martin (French Antilles), the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

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  1. I would like a refund for a passenger that could not fly out with us due to covid restrictions. She has not had her covid vaccines and the Spanish restrictions stated you have to have the vaccines to enter their country.
    Her name is Tracey Carter
    Flight EZY8535
    Date 3rd – 6th May
    I had reported this before the flight Reference ID: 180854370 and just received information and it did not state how i apply for this refund. Is there a form i need to fill out. Could you please guide me in the right direction.
    Barbara Connor

  2. We had to cancel a flight to Italy at the end of March as we had Covid. We were sent a link to request a voucher we have still not received anything yet.
    Please confirm how long we have to wait for this.

  3. Hello there……

    I was due to board the connection flight from Rome to Manchester originally for 11:55 (19/5/22) Flight number U21930. Upon arrival at Rome Airport my flight had been delayed until 14:44 which was fine, after going for some food and a seat I checked my phone to discover my flight had actually been moved BACK to its original time….. effectively I missed the gate by minutes. I am hoping to get a new flight booked/exchanged with as little or no cost as possible as this situation is out of my control…. I hold yourselves responsible

    Jamie Shaw

  4. I will not be able to make my flight (K3GT9TB) because I have Covid.
    What are my options?


  5. I have tried to submit my claim for costs incurred by the TWO cancellations from Budapest Airport. On the 13th June I was advised by your helpline to submit to: When I did this my email was blocked.
    Please advise where to send this claim?

  6. I booked and paid for extra legroom seats with Easyjet to take the extra bag on board as we are going to a wedding. The flight has been cancelled and there are no extra leg room seats available on the transferred flight. I have now had to pay £50 to put the bags in the hold.

  7. I had a cancelled flight with easyjet I was going to rome via Paris. The first flight was with easyjet so I was unable to catch the connecting flight. When trying to select an alternate on their website I could only book a flight to a different French airport and not to Rome direct (there were no flights to France due to a strike I think). I phoned customer services who told me to take the voucher option as it was instant and I could then book a new flight to rome direct, this was 14hrs before departure. The voucher did not arrive and was then told the I’d have to wait 48hrs! As a result I had to use a family member’s credit card to book a new flight the next morning, the voucher arrived the following night when I was already in Rome. I contacted easyjet again to ask for a refund as the voucher is now useless to me but they are refusing to give me a cash refund. Would you know what my rights on this are please. Many thanks

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