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Right to Care (from easyJet)

Has your easyJet flight been cancelled or heavily delayed?

Have you been denied boarding due to overbooking?

If you have to wait at the airport because of this, you have a right to care. You have a right to receive care from easyJet. It’s the airline’s responsibility to take care of you. In case of an overnight delay, or when you are offered a new flight that departs only on the next day, a free hotel stay must be offered. In the rest of the situations easyJet must offer you free meals and drinks in a reasonable relation to the waiting time. 

You have a right to it if you have to wait 3+ hours extra.

Right to Care From EasyJet

If you are flying with a EU or British carrier, you have a right to care.

Passenger rights are protected under the EU Regulation 261/2004 and the UK Regulation 261. In easyJet’s case, the regulations apply to most of its flights to and from the EU and the UK.

Short Delays

It has happened during the day, and it’s a short delay.

In this case, easyJet must offer you a free meal and refreshments, two free phone calls, e-mails or faxes, or access to the internet. Usually all of that is offered in the form of coupons. And while there are some exceptions, usually it’s being offered if the waiting time is at least 3 hours.

Get in touch with easyJet if you haven’t received anything.

Long Delays

What if you will have to wait longer than a few hours?

If the waiting time is longer than 3-5 hours, and if because of that now you will be flying only on the next day, easyJet must also offer you a free hotel stay and free transfer from the airport and back. In most situations, and when that’s possible, airlines offer rooms in airport hotels. 

Get in touch with easyJet if you haven’t been offered anything yet.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Flights get delayed and cancelled due to a number of reasons.

Sometimes airlines mess up things, and that leads to flight disruptions. It includes things like bad planning, technical problems, not enough crew, etc. Other times flight delays and cancellations are caused by so called extraordinary circumstances – something out of the ordinary, e.g., bad weather, security threat or terrorism.

No matter the reason, you still have a right to care.

If the delay or cancellation is caused by extraordinary circumstances, airlines cannot be held fully accountable. Whenever a flight is delayed or cancelled due to something that’s outside of the airline’s control (extraordinary circumstances), you aren’t entitled to compensation for delay or cancellation. However, even in these kinds of situations, you still have the right to receive care from the airline. 

When it comes to receiving care from the airline, it doesn’t matter what is the cause of the flight delay or cancellation. This applies both to European and UK flights.

By Europe and EU here on this page we mean all EU Member States, the United Kingdom (UK), Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, Saint Martin (French Antilles), the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

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  1. My flight from Prague to Bristol was cancelled at 21:54 on Monday, 12 June 2023.

    The next available flight is not until later in the week.

    We were not advised of any right to care from Easyjet, no arrangements for hotel stay or transfers were shared with me and as a solo female traveller I find myself relying on the good will of the nearby Ramada hotel and sitting in their lobby. No sleep for me tonight as there are no rooms available.

    Please advise what compensation I should be able to receive for lack of “right to care”.

    Kind regards

  2. Flight EZy 8125 11/06/2023. Cancelled. I need to claim reimbursement charges. How do I do this?

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